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Video Producer/Director

Bill Rolland, Inc. is the right call for corporate video producing, directing, and scriptwriting - especially customer testimonials and case studies - specializing in…

REPRESENTING YOU with CUSTOMERS and PARTNERS: Bill Rolland interviews CEOs and engineers, members of Congress and city mayors, always professional and knowledgeable, always leaving the best possible impression of you and your company

US and GLOBAL TRAVEL: Bill Rolland has the specialized gear, international documentation, and local crew contacts to capture your video anywhere in the world – fast, easy, stress-free

TRUSTED, RELIABLE, COMPETENT, and DEPENDABLE: Bill Rolland lets you choose how “hands-on” you want to be – though most clients appreciate that Bill Rolland can independently plan, manage, and accomplish every phase in the video production workflow

ABOVE: Customer testimonial for Cisco Metacloud featuring Instantly. This is nicely shot and edited to create a valuable and compelling asset. But what’s not apparent was that the customer requested that time onsite be limited to two hours. That meant staging gear outside their door at 7:30 am; hauling it quickly inside at 9:00 am; completing interviews by 11:30 am; and striking gear and loading out by noon.

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ABOVE: Translating this “welcome to our portal” video was challenging and - honestly - bewildering. I not only speak virtually no Japanese, I’m confused by the way its text is structured and organized. Fortunately I received plenty of good quality guidance from Rimini Street’s Japanese office. Be aware that translations can be costly, and add weeks to your production schedule. Plan accordingly!